Maybe you should try plan "D" for Dumbass

Hellos, I'm Dave. Lady Texan who loves everything.

Here you will find Video Games, Supernatural, Pokemon, Disney, Animals, Actors I'm in love with, Super Heroes, and then just whatever else strikes my fancy.

I play Guild Wars 2! Hit me up if you wanna play. If you have game suggestions for me, go on and throw them my way. I'm always interested in new stuff!

I have massive love for: Final Fantasy 7, Bowser, Mass Effect, Corpse Party, Nolan Gerard Funk, and Grant Gustin

...Run, Rabbit, Run...

Kurt: “Dave what are you doing?”

Dave: “Sitting here with my cat and covered in yarn.”

Kurt: “That sounds really gay.”



Dave: “…uhhhm.”


Kurt: “I got turned on by girl abs last week.”

Dave: “Someones pent up.”


Dave: -whispers- “Pirates.”

Kurt: “What? What did you just whisper at me?”

Dave: “I said PIRATES.”

Kurt: “Oh. I thought… -whispers- Pilates~”