Maybe you should try plan "D" for Dumbass

Hellos, I'm Dave. Lady Texan who loves everything.

Here you will find Video Games, Supernatural, Pokemon, Disney, Animals, Actors I'm in love with, Super Heroes, and then just whatever else strikes my fancy.

I play Guild Wars 2! Hit me up if you wanna play. If you have game suggestions for me, go on and throw them my way. I'm always interested in new stuff!

I have massive love for: Final Fantasy 7, Bowser, Mass Effect, Corpse Party, Nolan Gerard Funk, and Grant Gustin

...Run, Rabbit, Run...


Suddenly 17 new followers. Uhm. HI GUYS.

I notice quite a few of you are Blaine/Kurt shippers, which is AWESOMEPANTS cause they are an adorable pairing. Just know I am a Karofsky lover, and ship Dave/Kurt big time, so just be AWARES. (Course I ship like… everything. I can enjoy any pairing.)

But Dave Karofsky is my favorite character, and Max Adler is the hottest piece of man to ever roam the earth in my opinion, so. There will be a fair amount.

But even if I don’t ship something, I love all ships, I love all shippers, is cool. Ship what you want, I will never get down on ya for it <3

I post a ton of screencaps from the FacebookRP I do (Which we play out the canon storyline, we’re working on ‘Original Song’ right now) I post a bunch of Pokemon cause I adore Pokemon, and I am a rabid crazy fangirl for the Texas Rangers, and the Season started on Friday so there will be a LOT of baseball antics going on in my blog. HEADS UP.

I will never ever ever post Glee spoilers though, least before the episode actually airs, and even then I TRY to be careful for a while. Cause I hate spoilers. THEY ARE LYING WHORES THAT…WHORE.

Okay? <3