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Hellos, I'm Dave. Lady Texan who loves everything.

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I play Guild Wars 2! Hit me up if you wanna play. If you have game suggestions for me, go on and throw them my way. I'm always interested in new stuff!

I have massive love for: Final Fantasy 7, Bowser, Mass Effect, Corpse Party, Nolan Gerard Funk, and Grant Gustin

...Run, Rabbit, Run...

Sometimes I just wanna yell at my family

I’m sorry I’m not a social delight. But I feel like shit and just wanted to eat lunch then go back to bed.

It’s 8 and I wanna go to sleep

why do

Why is it when I tell people I have chronic pain their first response is


No. I take medication. Medical marijuana isn’t legal in Texas. Besides, my family has a history of drug problems, I don’t wanna touch it. 


A spoonie’s motto.


A spoonie’s motto.

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Watch this pain be something important and I’m just like

Eh it’s probably just my new meds

Not that I’ve been crapping blood or having large amounts of nausea or anything nah that’s normal for me

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I still can’t be upright without being in immense pain

I don’t even know WHAT is hurting. I THINK it’s my actual stomach but I dunno. tramadol helps. so. gonna take that and possibly go back to sleep

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Anyone know if bentyl (or dicyclomine) can cause stomach pain? I googled it but I never get much in way of descriptive side effects. It’s low chest pain, towards the middle and slightly to the left. It feels a lot like how my gall bladder attacks did before I had it removed (when it was infected and full of stones)

Sitting it’s not so bad, there’s jut an ache, but if I stand up? It feels like something is trying to puncture… something. Lots of pressure, not a sharp pain more of an ache just stronger.

I can’t tell if it’s my stomach, ribs, intestines, something else. I dunno. It’s not my lungs, breathing doesn’t affect it at all.

I’m able to eat okay, it doesn’t change the pain, more or less.

I thought it had gone away but I think my tramadol just covered it up. it’s since worn off, after I’ve been asleep for a while. So. Hm.

It’s new, and I’m on new medication. So? Maybe? Possibly? Probably? idk I’m on dcyclomine, promethazine (which I think is what’s causing my face to twitch), and iron supplements. That’s my new things

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Don’t take tramadol early in the day cause, hey I’m not feeling too bad, don’t think I need it, just take my other meds and should be cool

And now

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Urrrrrrg. It’s impossible to get comfortable

I had a huge bout of insomnia last night, I had to take my anti nausea meds (which tend to make me fall asleep) at almost 6 am to get any rest. And now I feel thrown off completely

My entire body hurts. My leg is trying to revolt, and I’m starting to think a tiny knife who has sudden mood swings is living inside my intestines

and I’ve accomplished absolutely nothing today

Dad actually came in and woke me up this morning going “Are you okay?” and I was just like “sleeping didn’t sleep going back to sleep goodnight” but I have no idea what prompted him to check on me in the first place

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Unsolicited advice, you should check into what audio books you can get! I can't read as much these days because it gives me crushing migraines, so I do a lot of audio books. Especially before bed. Sometimes that means relistening to chapters when I crash, but some are narrated so so well, it's really nice to still get the latest stories without the pain. Idk if this is of any help to you, but!

I’ve thought about that, pairing it ‘while I read’ like following along. I have trouble retaining things if there’s not a visual, unless it’s looped (like music lol). But yeah! I think I’ll look into that :D I always forget audio books are a thing :|

When my friends are jealous of my chronic illness because they think it means I can just lay in bed and watch movies all day



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Got zero recording done and played morrowind for like 20 minutes but I feel like fuck all. Can barely see and I’m in more pain than usual (thank you, intestines)


Just gonna try and watch some Legend of Korra tonight. I’ve only seen season 1 and I really wanna catch up.

I finished Season 2 of Game of Thrones the other night, and at the end when Cersei was all :DDD I was smiling and like yaaay you! …wait. :|

But idk I think the yay was warrented considering what she was about to do. That and Stannis is a buttface anyway. Still, was odd that I was rooting for the Lanisters.

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