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...Run, Rabbit, Run...

"You know, it’s probably the medication making you feel so bad."


Also, gotta love how my parents have texted me twice to check on me in the past three days, once each, and if I don’t have anything positive to say (aka, toning it down and saying I feel “not good”) they don’t reply

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starting off my day (at 9, I didn’t just wake up but urg typing) with vomiting, a crushing headache, and I still can’t see

I haven’t been downstairs since saturday. thank you tabby for helping me survive with snacks cause, even if I didn’t have anything to nibble at, I wouldn’t be moving

I wanna keep playing my game but I can’t concentrate or sit up anymore. Think I’m just gonna go to sleep. I’m starting to drift into what happened yesterday, meds or no meds,my body doesn’t give a fuck

aka it feels like my head is caving in, I can’t sit up without being in massive amounts of pain, my leg is flaring, vision is giving me a fishbowl effect, I’m nauseated, and my intestines keep spasming

my life

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Taking all the medication I’m allowed to before yesterday repeats itself (as it is trying to) and gonna lay down and play some dragon age origins

Which btw I’ve installed a mod on that changes the look of EVERYONE to some degree. I picked options for the best lore looks not pretty so. Yep. That’ll explain why any characters look odd when I end up posting caps

darrenisnotyourfloozy replied to your post: So I may or may not have fallen asleep…

welcome back to the world ( ゚▽゚) i hope you feel okay today and i just wanted to say that i hope your body decides to love you today because you deserve to be feeling good (◕‿◕✿) *feels creepy and edges away*

Not creepy at all, thank yoooouuuu <3! I really appreciate it. Made me smile C:

So I may or may not have fallen asleep last night at 7 pm

And woke up just now. At 11 am.

Bout 16 hours of sleep?

I felt so horrifically bad yesterday. I don’t even know where to begin but it was bad. And I still don’t feel that great today, I’m kinda just waiting to get slammed again

This is definitely not one of my good days

every time Ive fixed one issue another pops up. Stop

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Did exactly what I didn’t want to do

Fell asleep around 8ish and woke up before midnight.

Now my stomach is growling because I never ate today


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Dad: You okay? [I had to put my head down and was holding my head]
Me: Yeah, room just started spinning for a few seconds. It's alright.
Dad: That's fun. It's like you're on an amusement park ride all the time!
Me: -flatly- Yeah, it's amazing.



Chronic illness problem:

Is this a new symptom? A virus? A side effect?

Do I go to urgent care or just wait it out?


this is my life


me when i’m not ok but I don’t want people to worry about me


Sometimes when I try to do things thinking, nah I can do this, I’m fine, and then

I miss when staying up late was fun and I could get things done and thought sleep is for the weak who needs sleep Im cool

Now I want to fall asleep by 11 and am sad because I NEVER CAN. Its either fall asleep at 6 PM or 2 AM pick one

Sleep is great cherish it

This whole not sleeping thing is ticking me off. This happened last week too before my body imploded on itself. ( I’m sure lack of sleep makes things worse) i deal with painsomnia often but this isn’t even my leg keeping me awake I’m just not sleeping. Same thing happened last night, but I was actually pretty good during the day. Now I’m worried it’s gonna catch up to me in a rush

I’m tired. But I can’t get to sleep. I keep going through these weird cycles where one minute I feel exhausted and the next I’m wide awake bouncing back and forth.

Around midnight or so I suddenly felt like id been run over and my head hurt. Headache is gone but I’m still very uuuurrrggg. I’m about to take my anti nausea meds to knock me out if I don’t fall asleep soon cause